Introducing Karma Reviews

business reviewsAfter doing an extensive research online about available platforms to review businesses and companies it became obvious that some platform was used or rather abused to provide negatively charged comments and reviews.

With the dawn of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus this has escalated into an all-out attitude of businesses and companies being black balled and ruthlessly showcased in a negative light. 90% of this reviews that we researched was written not to mediate or resolve any issues. Reviews was aggressive and scoped to incur maximum damage to companies.

The best part is the fact that companies that are reviewed are not informed about these reviews. If by some change they do become aware of negative reviews the procedure by most review websites is complicated making it very difficult to get removed or resolved.

However, if you as a business becomes a subscriber of such websites (Paying Customer) the rebuttal becomes super charged? The other concern we identified that was users doing the reviews are using nicknames so as a business it becomes impossible to identify the person and to resolve an issue directly.

We also found that the review sites like to coach reviewers in posting reviews to maximize SEO relevance this is to ensure that should you search for a company their “Review” will enjoy an high visibility in the search index.  

In more severe cases there is calls to action by the reviewers to boycott mentioned companies or to avoid doing business with reviewed companies. In all fairness this is a dangerous attitude as every business deal or transaction comes with its own merit and unique circumstances.

So instead of providing a platform for users to damage company reputations we thought that our review systems will only focus on positive experiences, after all it is just that much harder to get a positive business review than a negative one. It was said that if you do a good job your customer might tell one person about you, however if you do a bad job he will tell ten.

So, if you were really impressed by a company that provided you with support, product or service we would like to help you to voice this. We crafted the Karma Reviews to showcase companies and business and let users know about the products and services rendered by said companies.

Karma Review Process

  • You submit your review
  • Reviews are first moderated
  • Only verified reviews will be published
  • Reviews can take up to 3 days to be published